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Wilesco Nomenclature

From the beginning Wilesco had a clear idea how to name their steam related products. Starting with the D4 they conti- nued in steps of four. Next in line came the D8, D12, D16, D20, D24, D28, D32, D36 Steam Roller, D40 Traction Engine and the D48 and D52 Marine Engines. The principle is readily identifiable. For some reason there was no D44 engine. Over the years the product range changed. Engines disappeared, new engines were added abscuring, the original idea.

Meaning of caracters

D = Dampfmaschine = steam engine

M= Modell (Antriebsmodell) = driven model

A = Anhänger = trailer

Z = Zubehör = accesory

H = Heißluftmotor = hot air engine (Stiring)

W = Wagen = rail car

W = Blechspielzeug = tin toys (probably because of Josef Wagner, the maker of the toys)

Meaning of digits

Stationary engines use one or two digits if standart engines. Special engines use three digits. Today the mobile engines use three digits idicating that this is the new model. The old ones used only two digits. They are not produced anymore. Normally one can imagine how an engine may look like by the digitsused. The x stands for digits used with standart engines.
xx1 = a Workschop is mounted on a base in addition to a standart engine as in D101 (D10 plus driven models), D141 (D14 plus driven models plus pillars and roof), D161 (D16 plus driven models). The D141 hat a special type called D141/66 because of the generator and Light bulb. The /66 comes from the accessory M66 which is a generator with a light bulb. It is possible that there gave been different engines with the special type /66 because there are known D24s and D32s with generators and light bulbs.

xx5 = new model if a Mobile as in D365 instead of D36 and D405 instead of D40. With stationary engines it is a combination of a standart engine plus one or more accesories witch are NOT mounted to the base as in D105 (D10 plus M66 Ge- nerator)

xx6 = engine in black and brass as in D106, D456, D366, D406

xx7 = engine in pure brass as in D457, D407, D367

xx8 = engine in black and nickel as in D368

xx9 = special edition as in D409 Showmans Engine

x9x = radio controlled Mobiles as in D395 e.g.

+10 = kits for Mobiles as in D375 and D415, the kits for a D365 and D405
With stationary engines it is not quite as easy. A D5 is the kit of a D6 a new model since 1970 with water glas. Baut there is also a D5 CS which is the kit of a D5 (without water glas) for export. The D9 is the kit of a D10 but a D15 is NOT the kit of a D16 and a D21 is NOT the kit of a D22.


During the early 1980s the nomenclature was changed. Mobiles got a three digit code, pure brass egine lost the addition ms and got the 7 as the third digit and electrically heated engines lost the el for a 2 as third digit. At that time most of the electrically heated engines were cancelled.

ms = messing = brass as in D45ms, D40ms und D36ms, changed in D457, D407, D367

el = elektrisch beheizt = electrical heater as in D8el, D10el, D12el, D16el, D20el, D24el. D8el up to and including D16el wwere cancelled and so there never were a D82, a D102, a D122 or a D162. D20el and D24el became D202 and D242 and the D222 was added.



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